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The story of how one creative spirit “got her shit together”!

I am not having a midlife crisis. I am having a midlife breakthrough.

I cheesily call it ‘a breakthrough’ because I am in the middle of picking up my life, shaking it like a snow globe, and seeing where things settle.

There are moments where I wonder what the *bleep* I’m doing. But most of the time I’m plain excited. And I’m especially excited when I meet a kindred spirit who has been through the same thing. Because I know that if they have been there and triumphed, then I can too.

So I am very pleased to announce that I have another inspiring Spark Story interview for you! Eli Trier is a creative, free spirit whose life is unrecognisable from a few years ago. She is now a blogger, writer, artist and ‘Business and Creativity Guide’ but in order to get to this point in her life (aka “get my shit together”) she literally had to turn her life upside down!

I love Eli’s determination and courage. But what I love about her most of all, is her total honesty about the turbulent journey she’s been on (thanks Eli for sharing your story and for being such an inspiration!).

Read the full interview here…

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