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One week to go to the fulfilment of Dream 1…

Photo of a sandy beach
Dream 1 = moving to the coast. And there’s now ONE WEEK to go to Moving Day!

I can’t believe it’s actually happening. But it must be because I am frantically packing and throwing stuff out (did I mention the new place is half the size of where I am now?).

Yesterday I signed and read through the tenancy agreement on my new home. (All 24 pages of it.)

Basically, it seems you cannot fart in the property without first taking out insurance, having the carpets professionally fluffed and cleaned, and the house dehumidified and air conditioned to within an inch of its life (receipt to be mounted in a gold frame in order to prove you have paid for said services of course).

One day I will be able to afford my own home and won’t have to jump through hoops for lettings agencies.

(I will be buying this house with the proceeds of the book I am currently NOT writing due to the move.)

Dream 2: Finish writing my children’s book and be snapped up by a publisher.

Dream 3: Fall in love, get married and by some miracle, have children (I am 44 so might have to settle for a puppy).

Dream 4: Buy my own home (mansions not required; just a cute little place with a log fire and vegetable/herb garden will suffice).

Dream 5: Live a simple life by the sea; writing, doing yoga and having adventures with my friends and family (think hiking, cycling, paddeboarding, kayaking and camping).

Dream 6: Never have to worry about money again! (And people say I have no imagination. Tsk. Tsk).

I will keep you posted as the dreams are ticked off my list.

Dream 1...DONE!!!

9 thoughts on “One week to go to the fulfilment of Dream 1…”

  1. How exciting! Congratulations. I hope we get to see lots of pics of your new home and neighbourhood (when you get a chance)… assuming the tenancy agreement doesn’t prohibit the taking of photos : )


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