Would you like to be in my book?

Happiness is chocolate ice cream
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The publishers would like me to gather some quotes from people who either struggle with sugar in their diet, or who have reduced their sugar intake and lived to tell the tale!

Would anyone mind helping me out by answering the questions below (by August 4th)?

And all I need is a few sentences, along the lines of, “When I catch the train in the morning I always look forward to my cup of coffee and caramel swirl fudgetastic muffin,” or “I tried giving up sugar but I couldn’t cope with not eating [insert your favourite sugary food].”

To be honest, write as much as you want; the more the merrier! And feel free to pick just one or two questions that appeal to you, or go ballistic and answer the whole darn lot.

Sugar questions

  1. What’s your favourite sugary food or drink (the one you’d find hardest to give up if you had to)?
  2. What does your usual breakfast consist of?
  3. Do you snack and if so, what do you snack on during the day?
  4. Do you have cravings for particular foods or drinks?
  5. Have you noticed that you tend to eat sugary things when you’re bored or stressed? (i.e. emotional eating)
  6. Have you ever tried to cut sugar out of your diet and if so, what did you struggle with the most
  7. If you have successfully cut down on your sugar intake, what benefits have you found? (See my experience below!)
  8. What do you think are your worst sugar habits? (e.g. you always have a blueberry muffin with your coffee, or munch on chocolate whilst watching TV.)
  9. Do you think that your diet may be contributing to any health problems you may have (e.g. weight problems, diabetes)?
  10. Are there any other comments you’d like to make about sugar in your diet or suggestions for what you’d like to see in the book?

Please leave a comment at the end of the post or email me your answers (ideally by Monday 4th August as I have to submit the first draft of the book by the 11th):

hello [at] youcanthidethespark [dot] com

All quotes will be anonymous (I can either use just your first name or an alias – just let me know which you’d prefer).

A humongous thank you to anyone who takes part :-) Please share with friends and family…

Bird saying thank you

4 thoughts on “Would you like to be in my book?”

  1. I once got drunk on a can of baked beans. I had to cut out ALL sugar from my diet for 6 weeks as a nutritionist suggested I had a sugar intolerance. 6 weeks, and seemingly no sugar intolerance, I celebrated reintroducing sugar into my diet with beans on toast (classy I know). Within minutes the room started to swim, I staggered to my bed and then lie gripping the duvet, as the room was in a complete spin. So there you go, drunk on beans, I’m a very cheap date ;-/


    1. Karen, you HAVE to write a book entitled ‘Once I got drunk on a can of baked beans’! Fantastic. Thank you for sharing that. Are you off sugar now? And, apart from not feeling drunk, do you feel better for it?


  2. Hey,
    I have been meaning to say how exciting that you are writing a book. I am sure you will do a great job writing about sugar – with humour, with accuracy, with insight and no smugness:-) Good luck!


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