Writing a Book (Part 3): Lower your standards of cleanliness

I have turned into a person I don’t recognise.

Normally my home is tidy. I can’t cope with mess; it makes me feel depressed and overwhelmed. So, whilst I wouldn’t say I’m obsessive about tidiness and cleanliness, I usually manage to keep on top of things.

Not so now.

Now that I am up at 5.30am and working 11-hour days on this book all standards of cleanliness, hygiene and tidiness have gone out the window.

I don’t have time to bother with trifling things like cooking, cleaning and washing up. And woe betide the friend who has the audacity to pop by unannounced or phone me for a chat in the evening!

My work place is a mess…

Messy work place
My kitchen looks like slightly unhinged…

Messy kitchen
I can sum up how life is for me right now in one sentence:

I have eaten leftover roast dinner for the past three nights… and guess what’s on the menu tomorrow evening?

Roast dinner

2 thoughts on “Writing a Book (Part 3): Lower your standards of cleanliness”

  1. Sounds normal to me ; ) In fact, one of the reasons I’m taking a break from writing blog posts for a few weeks is to catch up on the housework and the gardening! Good times, good times. Besides, real friends won’t mind if the dishes aren’t done…


    1. True about the friends (though I have turned into a hermit over the past few weeks, so there’s little danger of any friend seeing the mess!). Enjoy your housework and gardening. I don’t have a big garden but love pottering around, picking herbs and checking to see if my tomatoes have ripened – it’s such a refreshing break from the computer. Good plan!


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