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May ‘One Book a Month’: Eco Book

Timber roundhouse
Roundwood house built by Ben Law for The Sustainability Centre

Sorry this month’s ‘One Book a Month’ is a bit late. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with a few things lately (I’ll explain in my next post but a small hint: I may be about to take a new direction in life!).

Anyway, despite its lateness, this One Book a Month holds a special place in my heart – because my book was bought from The Sustainability Centre’s bookshop on the beautiful South Downs.

The Sustainability Centre is an amazing place where you can camp in yurts, learn about permaculture and take part in foraging and bushcraft courses.

In short, it’s my kind of place.

As you can imagine then, choosing a book was kinda tricky. Hmm, let’s see… living willow sculpture… woodland management… living for a year on no money (oh, I forgot, I do that already)… there were so many books I wanted to read! But in the end, one jumped out at me: Woodsman: Living in a Wood in the 21st Century by Ben Law.

Remember Ben Law? He’s the bloke whose timber home featured in THE BEST Grand Designs programme ever (Grand Designs is a TV programme about unusual homebuilding projects for those who don’t know). Kevin McCloud said it was his favourite Grand Design.

Here’s the blurb on the back of the book. It got me in the first 11 words:

“How many of us dream of beating a retreat into nature, leaving the pressures of city life far behind us? Ben Law has made this dream his reality and Woodsman is the story of how he came to the 100-acre wood he calls home.”
Last month’s book: Labyrinth by Kate Mosse

Labyrinth book coverEr I have an admission to make: I didn’t get to the end of Labyrinth! I made it as far as page 90 but just wasn’t feeling the love. I can’t tell you why exactly. The writing was good, I just wasn’t into the story. In the past I would have pushed on with gritted teeth but recently I have found myself wondering why we do this to ourselves. Yes, there are times when you persevere and the book blossoms into something incredible (as was the case for me with Sebastian Faulks’ Birdsong) but more often than not, it doesn’t and getting to the end of the book turns into a marathon I’ll-finish-this-damn-book-if-it-kills-me feat of endurance. WHY DO WE DO IT TO OURSELVES?!?! I have come to the conclusion that life’s too damn short. What a relief!

2 thoughts on “May ‘One Book a Month’: Eco Book”

  1. Your latest book of the month sounds fascinating. The sustainability centre, seems as though it could be my type of place too. Looking forward to hearing what you make of the book. Take care ☺


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