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Art lesson: Ignore most of what you say to yourself!

I’m learning lots of lessons on Flora Bowley’s art course and the Number 1 lesson is to ignore most of what I tell myself. For example, there have been at least three exercises during the course that I’ve responded to less than enthusiastically. One of them involved opening some books and doing quick paint sketches… Continue reading Art lesson: Ignore most of what you say to yourself!

Random thoughts & things

May ‘One Book a Month’: Eco Book

Sorry this month’s ‘One Book a Month’ is a bit late. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with a few things lately (I’ll explain in my next post but a small hint: I may be about to take a new direction in life!). Anyway, despite its lateness, this One Book a Month holds a special place… Continue reading May ‘One Book a Month’: Eco Book

Random thoughts & things

Magical Trees

Ah, I’ve just come back from a week in the Cotswolds. We stayed in a converted barn on a beautiful eco-friendly farm. Every night we sat on our balcony and watched the sun go down over the valley… When we woke in the morning, this was the only sound we heard… We walked through beautiful… Continue reading Magical Trees