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Art: Things I’ve never done before

I’m experiencing lots of firsts on Flora Bowley’s art course. The first ‘first’ is turning my kitchen into a makeshift art studio!

Here is one of my canvases conveniently situated next to the fridge (we artists must keep hydrated):

Photo of canvas painting
My second ‘first’ is painting anything at all. More on this in future posts but suffice to say, I have been through a bit of a ‘creative drought’ which has lasted roughly ooooh, 30 years. (I’m 45.)

Bearing this in mind, I have been amazed to discover that, under Flora’s guidance, I am in the middle of painting two large canvases. And some bits even look quite nice, if a little chaotic:

Abstract painting
My third ‘first’ is buying a sketchbook, going into my garden, and drawing appealing shapes which might inspire the next layer of my canvases.

I even bought a special pen. (This made me feel like a proper artist!):

Plant sketch

Plant sketch

Plant sketch

Plant sketch

Plant sketch

On Friday I will be applying the 6th layer of paint to my canvases.

Flora warned our paintings would go through an awkward or “ugly” teenager phase.

She says this is all part of the process.

(OK… Keep the faith. Keep the faith. Keep the faith.)

4 thoughts on “Art: Things I’ve never done before”

  1. Good for you! (I can totally relate to the ‘ugly teenager phase’ of art — I call it the ‘feeling sorry for it’ stage… and I’ve learned to embrace the ‘ugly’ because it tends to lead to greater freedom… and that is always a good thing. If it can’t get worse, it can only get better.) Enjoy : D


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