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Art: Things are starting to happen

Yippeee! After adding layer after layer of paint to my canvases, ONE of them is finally starting to look like a painting that might actually be finished sometime soon…

Painting by Katherine Bassford
OK, it’s got a layer or two to go I reckon, but still, it’s starting to look like something.

The other canvas is still figuring out what it wants to be when it grows up….

Painting 2 - 8th layer

5 thoughts on “Art: Things are starting to happen”

  1. Fantastic! You go, girl! (I like them both but there’s something about the second one that I REALLY like — that leafy shape bursting into the black space in the top left corner… and the larger blue spaces… it’s an interesting composition and I like your colour/pattern choices — yep, I like that second one a lot).

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  2. I’m enjoying watching your progression. I would have thought using acrylics that a painting could be completed in a day. How many layers does it usually take or does that depend on the artist?


    1. Hi Marge, you’re totally right – acrylics dry very quickly so it’s perfectly possible to create a painting in a day. This course is all about experimenting with various layers; building up the painting gradually and intuitively letting something emerge. I’m no expert but the number of layers needed varies according to the artist and the painting – Flora says some paintings come together in 3 layers and others take up to 20! Yikes :-)


  3. I really like them both too. They already look fabulous. I love all the vibrant colours on both. As I said before just the kind of compositions I would happily hang on my wall. Well done you should feel proud of yourself xx


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