A magical way to step into the creative unknown

Picture of a magic carpet

I don’t know about you, but I’m not massively keen on the unknown.

Every time I stare at a blank page (or a blank future), I feel anxious. My brain feels a compulsion to know things for certain.

Not knowing = uncertainty = danger.

But here’s the annoying thing: uncertainty is the gateway to possibility.

In order to fill a blank page or canvas, we have to step into the unknown. And this scares the s*** out of some of us.

So how can we transform ‘the unknown’ into an adventure we’re eager to step into?

One solution I’ve been experimenting with lately is to use my imagination to reframe how I think about the unknown.

(As creative people, we’re blessed with active imaginations, which often get misused to imagine all sorts of horrors that may, or may not, happen. It’s time to start using our imaginations as allies and forces for good for ourselves!)

Here’s how to do it:

The next time you sit down to write, or create something, picture yourself sitting on a magic carpet (it may seem silly, but play and fun are bedfellows of creativity, so go with it).

Close your eyes and imagine your magic carpet… What does it look like? What does it feel like? Where is it hovering? (Or not hovering if it’s on the floor, waiting to take off.)

Spend a few moments sensing your magic carpet, then let it take flight and see what happens… How does it fly? What does it feel like? What can you see? Is there anything specific it wants to show you (or for you to experience)?

Remember, ANYTHING can happen; there are no limits. And you’re completely safe. (It’s a magic carpet, after all!) Don’t try to steer. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and see where your imagination takes you…

You might like to jot down (or draw) what you see, hear or feel, and use this as the launch pad for your next creation :-)

[Image by Lorraine Cormier from Pixabay]

4 thoughts on “A magical way to step into the creative unknown”

  1. I’ll try this. I do struggle to concentrate hard enough sometimes. I must learn meditation techniques. But a really good post. I’ll definitely try it. Thanks Katherine x


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