Poetry and the great unknown

Illustration of person writing

Like many people, I wrote poetry when I was a teenager; pages and pages of torment and angst!

Then I grew up and stopped writing poems. I’m not sure why. Maybe I ran out of angst :-)

But recently, little poems have been coming to me. I say ‘poems’; they’re more like mini affirmations really. And I say ‘coming to me’ because they arrive fully formed. Mainly because they’re only 3-4 lines long.

No matter, the point is, the arrive from somewhere (The Great Unknown) and they slip into my brain with ZERO resistance.

Which is a rather lovely thing.

The poems are zapped into me when I am doing nothing much at all – sitting in bed with a cup of tea, going for a walk, or having a shower. Which tells me two things:

1) ‘doing nothing’ deepens our connection to The Great Unknown
2) I need to ‘do nothing’ more often (the showering’s a given, but more gaps and space and daydreaming in my life would probably be a good thing)

Here are 3 mini poems/affirmations for you.

A poem for misfits (who will understand)…


A poem for writers…


A poem about creative flow…



3 thoughts on “Poetry and the great unknown”

  1. These little poems/affirmations would make a good little book. How wonderful to create a book by doing nothing. You’re on to something. I like the fat raindrops poem. That’s clever. Was that one that came to you in the shower? Xx


    1. Thanks Phil, a little book would be lovely (if enough poems ‘zap’ into my brain in the next few months/years)! Yes, the fat raindrops one came to me when I was in the shower. I think it’s my favourite of the 3 xx


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