Flora Bowley's 'Bloom True' e-course

Art: Trusting and letting go

I am 11 days into Flora Bowley’s ‘Bloom True’ painting course and to say I am loving it would be an understatement! (Though ‘painting course’ is a bit misleading to be honest. It’s as much an approach to life as it is an approach to art.) We're working on two big canvases at the same time,… Continue reading Art: Trusting and letting go

Creativity, Flora Bowley's 'Bloom True' e-course

Heading in a new direction: Joy!

I hinted in my last post that I may be about to take a new direction in life. It requires a bit of explaining and bizarrely, it all starts with a Salsa class… I have always wanted to dance. For years I watched Strictly Come Dancing and vowed to start dancing, but of course I… Continue reading Heading in a new direction: Joy!


Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered

If you’re pondering what to buy someone you love this Christmas, I can recommend Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered by Quentin Blake. It's bloody brilliant. Described as "a sketchbook with training wheels", it’s perfect for little kids and big kids who long to draw but are too scared and/or don’t know where to begin (that… Continue reading Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered

30 Day Challenge

What you can learn from who you envy

There are 189 other people on the 30 Day Challenge. This means you get to see a vast range of ‘play projects’ - from writing a 15-minute sitcom, to teaching children to meditate and launching ‘learn how to crochet’ workshops. Every single project is inspirational (I admire anyone who gets off their arse and turns… Continue reading What you can learn from who you envy


Do it (even if it gives you the heebeegeebees)

It has been a few weeks since I came back from holiday but I’m still feeling inspired by St Ives. Something about it has got under my skin and I am itching to create things! So far I’ve tried to satisfy this itch by rearranging the kitchen (admission: I find rearranging things very exciting) and by… Continue reading Do it (even if it gives you the heebeegeebees)