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Follow your own star

The illustration above is very pertinent right now as 4 weeks ago, I lost my job. There was no warning. I walked into work and was told that there was no more work in the pipeline. These things happen when you freelance. (I have been freelancing for the last 2 years, writing wellbeing books for a… Continue reading Follow your own star


Stuff the ‘career advice’ and make it up yourself

At school I told the career advisors that I liked books and ideas and creativity. They told me I should be a librarian or a teacher. Not a writer or a publisher or a film maker. I had just two options: librarian or teacher. Even at the tender age of 16, I suspected this career… Continue reading Stuff the ‘career advice’ and make it up yourself

30 Day Challenge

My Play Project is (drum roll please)…

Deciding on my Play Project for the 30 Day Challenge was tricky because I fancied doing 4 different things: Creating prints of my art and selling them on this blog Putting some characters I have designed onto t-shirts and greetings cards Offering a free brainstorming service for people running, or thinking of running, their own… Continue reading My Play Project is (drum roll please)…


On the right track but something’s not right?

  After I published my post on Monday I received an email from a friend who said, “I just read your blog and so much of it resonated with me. I have had a similar life experience.” He is a talented coach but, like me, has struggled to find his path in life. Around 10… Continue reading On the right track but something’s not right?


Be true to yourself

Figuring out what work I would love to do has consumed me my entire adult life.Whilst other people were out there living and getting on with things, I was obsessing over which career to choose. And life kind of passed me by.My excuse is that I am ‘an ideas person’ (I have so many product,… Continue reading Be true to yourself


Listening to the voice in my head

When I was young (under 10 I think) a little voice told me I wanted to be a writer. But there was another more insistent voice which told me I was crap and had no talent. So I took a different career path instead: University Trainee Store Manager Unemployed Promotions Manager Software Trainer Copywriter Fitness… Continue reading Listening to the voice in my head